About Sporzman

What is Sporzman?

Since 2014 Sporzman is an online portal with social media properties on which recreational athletes can arrange to common sporting activities with a wide variety of sports. Users of Sporzman can find sports venues in a city of their choice and are able to filter at their own sweet will.

The basic functionality of Sporzman, is providing a list of sports venues within a user-chosen city or region. In addition, each user has the opportunity to create sports venues and share them on different social networking platforms such as Facebook.

Vision and mission

Many recreational athletes are united in the same interest: to do sports with like-minded. But, unfortunately, the sporty zeal goes along with different problems:

Where can I make a little play today, once again really have fun playing football? Justin, 16 years, student
I do not want to be alone on the field again. Maybe there's someone in my area who also likes to play baseball? Felix, 22 years, student
Who wants to go jogging on saturday?! It's no fun alone. Gabi, 39 years, housewife

We take on these and other issues and provide a communication channel for recreational athletes to make appointments for doing sports together. All kind of sportsman can easily look up online, when and where it is worth to practice their favorite sport. According to this it is easy to plan the drive early or spontaneously.

Our model

Increase in physical activity and physical fitness

Disease prevention through sporting activities

Recovery of children and adolescents to the enthusiasm for games and sports